Amonkhet is here

We are now buying Amonkhet. Usually we are waiting a couple of days before we start buying a new set. But not this time. We are paying more for your commons/uncommons Amonkhet cards than the major bots on MTGO. Try us.

JBStore2 is up

At the moment we are just running one bot, but we will soon be up with JBentham as well. If you have credit from trading with JBentham, JBStore3 or HSStore you can use it in JBStore2.

Thousands of commons and uncommons for 0.002

Challenge your friends

Playing Magic Online can be extremely expensive. But it doesn't have to be. Our bots have commons and uncommons for as low as 500 cards for 1 tix. Lots of those are even from the brand new set Kaladesh. Throw in a couple of rares for less than a tix each and make a decent deck. Challenge your friends to do the same and you will have load of fun playing Magic for almost no money.

Visit our bots


We are running 3 bots on MTGO and they are all sharing credits which means that if you have credits left after trading with one bot you can use that in on of our other bots. Your credits will be saved for an unlimited time.

To sell cards to the bots

All our bots will automatically pick up the cards you have listed for sale. If you don't want to sell any of them you can type 0 and they will be removed from the trade window. To remove one card at the time, just type the corresponding line number.

Our bots

To find our bots, just type JB in the search field in the TRADE-window. They are:
JBStore2, JBStore3, JBentham
Add them to the buddy list by right clicking on the bots message and click "Add Buddy"

Tix are back in stock.
These are for sale to customer with verified PayPal account or to customers which we already know. Maximum 25 tix for first time buyers. You will find the tix here.



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