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Dragons of Tarkis is definitely here

We are now selling and buying Dragons of Tarkir. The new set contains 264 cards, 15 basic lands, 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares and 15 mythic rares. Dragons of Tarkir is designed to be drafted with Fate Reforged. You can find all the information regarding the release events here.

Mechanics in Dragons of Tarkir

Besides the returning mechanics bolster and dash from Fate Reforged and Rebound from Rize of the Eldrazi, there are a few new mechanics to know about.
You may sacrifice a creature you control when you cast a exploit card for a benefit. 10 cards have exploit and they are all blue or black.
This is basically morph with an extra bonus. There are 31 cards with Megamorph an they are in all colors
Formidable is an ability you can use if the creatures you control have total power 8 or greater. There are 12 cards with this mechanic and they are all green or red.

New player or just a bit rusty?

You should check out Reid Duke's article series with a lot of useful information about deckbuilding. Well to be honest, we picked up a lot of solid information even though we have played this game for ages.

All our bots are now selling and buying


They are all sharing credits which means that if you have credits left after trading with one bot you can use that in on of our other bots. Your credits will be saved for an unlimited time.

To sell cards to the bots

All our bots will automatically pick up the cards you have listed for sale. If you don't want to sell any of them you can type 0 and they will be removed from the trade window. To remove one card at the time, just type the corresponding line number.

Our bots

To find our bots, just type JB in the search field in the TRADE-window. They are:
JBStore2, JBStore3, JBentham
HSStore, JBStore4 and JBStore5
You can add them to the buddy list by right clicking on the bots message and click "Add Buddy"


We are doing our best to keep our prices highly competitive and in many cases we are beating the major bots.


The pricelist is updated on a daily basis. As these prices are the pricelist in our bots, all prices here are in Event Tickets. We therefore gives our web customers 5% discount on all purchases. This does not apply to purchases of Event Tickets.

Card delivery

In our store hours we are delivering your cards just few minutes after the purchase (depends a bit on the size of the order). We are usually online between 11am and 4pm Eastern time, 17:00 - 22:00 UTC+1, every day. Our MTGO account name for web orders and any question is JBMTGO.


At the moment we are only accepting PayPal as payment. PayPal is a secure payment method and you can use your credit card without revealing any card information to anyone. If you have event tickets, please use our bots.

Tix are back in stock.
These are for sale to customer with verified PayPal account or to customers which we already know. Maximum 25 tix for first time buyers. You will find the tix here.


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