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The king is dead, long live the king


We have now migrated over to the new client

There is no turning back. MOL3, also known as "current", is dead. For those of you who preferred the old client, have to familiarize you with a brand new interface. Some of the resources you used in v3 might be gone and others will be there but could be hard to find. Wizards have a "Getting Know Your Magic Online Client" series. Check it out here!

Our new bots

Along with a new client comes a new bot and a new behaviours. First of all the bots are still in beta mode. You will encounter some flaws, but we hope they will be eliminated soon. A new behaviour of the bot is that will grab all the cards it is interested in regardless of your action.

The bot has picked the cards and the only way to remove them is to type the corresponding line number.

At the moment the only way to remove the cards is to type the corresponding line number. This is tedious if you just want to buy some cards. Therefore for the time being until this is fixed, JBstore2, JBstore3 and JBentham will only sell cards. If you want to sell cards please use HSStore, JBStore4 or JBStore5.

So please be patient with our bots, they are still learning.

Bot status

All our bots are now up. There are still some issues who we need to attend to, but they will be fixed soon.

These bots are only selling:

JBStore2, JBStore3 and JBentham

These bots are buying:

HSStore, JBStore4 and JBStore5
Please add them to your buddylist.

Magic Online cards fast and easy

We are doing our best to keep our prices highly competitive and in many cases we are beating the major bots.


The pricelist is updated on a daily basis. As these prices are the pricelist in our bots, all prices here are in Event Tickets. We therefore gives our web customers 5% discount on all purchases. This does not apply to purchases of Event Tickets.

Card delivery

In our store hours we are delivering your cards just few minutes after the purchase (depends a bit on the size of the order). We are usually online between 11am and 4pm Eastern time, 17:00 - 22:00 UTC+1, every day. Our MTGO account name for web orders and any question is JBMTGO.


At the moment we are only accepting PayPal as payment. PayPal is a secure payment method and you can use your credit card without revealing any card information to anyone. If you have event tickets, please use our bots.


At the moment we are now running 6 bots which you will find in the marketplace.
All our bots are selling and buying:
Make sure to buddylist them.

Tix are back in stock.
These are for sale to customer with verified PayPal account or to customers which we already know. Maximum 25 tix for first time buyers. You will find the tix here.


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